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Tyent Filters Compared

While some may claim to have the best filters on the market none have the volume of Tyent’s filters.  Simply put, the more volume the filter has, the more room for filtration media designed to remove contaminants from the water. Just by looking you can see that Tyent's filters are larger but I decided to try and calculate the actual volume for comparison.

The formula for calculating volume is "r2 x π x h" - that's the radius squared multiplied by pi multiplied by the height.  After taking measurements and using the formula I realized that - in this case at least - looks are NOT deceiving.   After acquiring values for the height and radius of each filter I was able apply the formula and figure out which filters had the most volume for filtration media.

Tyent has two filters with a volume of 72.42 cubic inches each, giving it a total of 144.8 cubic inches of total volume.  The next closest competitor is the Genesis platinum with two filters with 60.05 cubic inches a piece, or 120.1 cubic inches total.  The next closest is Jupiters Athena with its Biostone filter, 64.263 “, and Athena’s special sediment filter, 38.023”, for a grand total of 102.283”. 

The rest of the filters just get smaller from there, the chart below shows the details as we measured them.  No matter what hype you here about the effectiveness of competitors’ filters none are bigger or better than Tyent’s.



Filter Image Comparison


of Filters







Tyent Filter Size










Tyent Filter Compared to KYK/Genesis Platinum









Tyent Filter Compared to Jupiter



Jupiter Athena has 2 filters, the standard biostone filter and the sediment filter.  All other jupiter products use the biostone only.



 Biostone: 7.75" Sediment:  7.75"


 Biostone: 1.625" Sediment: 1.125"


Biostone:  64.26" Sediment: 38.02"
TOTAL: 102.28"

Tyent filter Compared to Enagic









Tyent Filter Compared to Chanson









Tyent Compared to LIFE









Additional Images of Filter Measurements

Tyent Filter Size KYK/EOS Filter Size Enagic Filter Size
IonWays BioStone Filter Size Athena Sediment Filter Size

Chanson Filter Size