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Tyent 9090 Turbo Extreme

Don't Get Caught up in the "9-plate" Hype...Tyent 9090 TURBO Extreme

All 9-plate water ionizers are NOT the same.

Tyent took the time to thoroughly research and test their 9090 TURBO Extreme model to ensure the proper plate/power balance - and that's important. More plates without extra wattage means nothing. And just raising the wattage can cause premature wear and tear on the plates. The Tyent 9090 TURBO Extreme water ionizer was designed to deliver enough wattage to each of the 9 plate to produce the strongest possible alkaline and acidic levels possible while maintaining the long-term integrity of the plates.

Each of the 9 plates have been dipped in platinum, baked, then dipped and baked again to ensure proper and long-lasting platinum coating over the titanium. Proper distribution of the correct amount of power to each plate protects them from premature aging or wear. The SMPS power system delivers optimal power at consistent levels at each of the presets, without the fluctuations often experienced with transformer power systems.Buy Now

Key Features

Tyent OperationOne Touch Operation

The Tyent 9090 TURBO Extreme features one-touch operation. A simple touch of your finger on the control screen tells the unit to dispense the water at the pH level you desire. 
The control panel changes color to correspond to the pH level you have selected.


Tyent Voice Guided SystemVoice Guided Controls

Each selection you make offers the option of voice guides - audio alerts confirming your selection. The volume on the voice-controls can be adjusted up or down or you can choose to turn them off completely.

An alarm "chime" will sound when the unit is in cleaning mode or if you have selected a pH level that is considered unsafe for drinking.

Tyent Control Panel

Tyent CPU ControlCPU Control

The Tyent 9090 Turbo Extreme is the first to offer SMPS power supply automatically controlled by CPU.

The CPU chip constantly monitors the system to ensure safety and maintain the proper power levels of the unit according to flow rate and your source water - another feature to ensure long-lasting quality performance of your Tyent 9090 water ionizer.Tyent Filters

Tyent Dual FiltrationFiltration

The 9090 TURBO Extreme model is shipped with premium ULTRA filtration to effectively remove contaminants down to .001 Microns. The dual filtration system consists of a primary ACF filter for removal of contaminants like chlorine, lead and particulates.

The second filter is a 3-stage ceramic filter designed to remove additional contaminants and pre-condition the water for optimal ionization.

Chemical FreeChemical-free SUPER Water Production

YES to stronger alkaline and acidic levels and NO to enhancer solutions or additives!

Your 9090 TURBO Extreme can produce alkaline ionized water up to 12.0 in most areas and acidic ionized water at 2.5 WITHOUT the need for chemical enhancer solutions or mineral powder additives. Results will always vary based on your source water but Tyent SuperStore has personally tested this unit and produced alkaline water as high as 12.1 and acidic water as low as 1.8. INCREDIBLE!

Tyent Warranty

Tyent Confidence

Tyent is so confident that the 9090 TURBO Extreme water ionizer will perform consistently for years and years that the company offers an industry leading warranty: Full coverage of both parts and labor for as long as you own the product. Should you ever experience a problem with your Tyent water ionizer, the company will repair or replace the unit or any parts. No other water ionizer company in the industry is willing to make this kind of Tyent 9090 TURBO Extremeguaranty of that their products will continue to perform well into the future. Tyent USA realized that this is an investment in your health and has gone to great lengths to ensure you receive a quality product for long-term performance.

Don't take our word for it - Try it for Yourself!

We invite you to try the Tyent 9090 TURBO Extreme water ionizer yourself for 60-days. If you're not completely satisfied with it simply return it for a refund.

No questions asked.  Order Your Tyent 9090 TURBO Extreme Now!


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