The Ugly Truth About ORP Meters

These meters have been a thorn in my side since the day I first picked one up to start testing.  Whether it be in my own testing, or one of my customer’s, these meters seem to be overall are reliably inaccurate.  I myself have many meters, and often during testing have to use every one of them in an attempt to get an accurate result.  When I get a bad reading from a ORP meter I immediately start testing my other water ionizers.  I have found that when the meter tests poorly on one machine it will test them all wrong.  It is much more likely that the one meter is wrong than the different brands and machines I personally Inaccuracyown.  

 The Problems with Owning an ORP Meter

These meters require constant maintenance, storage solutions, conditioning solutions - and if you buy one that allows for calibration - calibration solutions and frequent re-calibration.  The average consumer doesn’t know about all of the solutions and other materials needed - or how and when to use them - to get truly accurate readings because because the companies that sell them just "gloss over" these important facts. 

When most people purchase a ORP meter they assume it will work correctly right out of the box.   They assume that they are getting accurate readings and, sadly, they then assume that their water ionizer isn't performing as they expected.  The process of conditioning a probe can take up to 45 minutes, and from my experience may need to be repeated several times.  

ORP Meter from American MarineIf you manage to get an accurate reading first use then congratulations, you are one of the few that got a stabilized ORP meter.  Often these meters sit on a shelf for months before they are shipped to a customer and the probes need to be conditioned and possibly re-calibrated prior to use to get an accurate reading. 

Just like our parent company Tyent USA, Tyent SuperStore spends a good deal of time and money on these meters and materials required to keep them operating properly.  We are frequently calibrating and conditioning and then testing multiple units to ensure accurate results. 

I know of one major water ionizer company that was frustrated to the point that they stopped selling meters to their customers and dealers.  They also made the decision to spend several thousand dollars to purchase what they hope to be a more reliably performing product for testing ORP.   Even at this price point the probe still requires frequent maintenance to ensure accurate readings.    (An excerpt of their announcement can be found here)

True Testing for the Average Consumer

Quick - think of 3 major appliances in your home.

Now, quick - how many of those appliances have you tested using any sort of meter?

The first three major appliance that popped into my mind when I was asked that question were my washer, dryer and refrigerator.  I can't say that I've put any sort of testing meter to any of them.  The proof for me was in their performance.

I bought washing machine to clean my clothes and it does that just fine.  My dryer does what I bought it for - gets my clothes dry in a reasonable amount of time.  The same with my refrigerator - it keeps my food cool and fresh.  I never used any sort of meter or thermometer to test - and I certainly wasn't about to spend $100 or more to buy a meter and solutions for testing.  Forget about conditioning and maintaining a probe or meter to make sure that the clean clothes I was pulling out of the dryer were truly "clean."  I mean, doing laundry is enough of a chore as it is...

Most people choose to purchase a water ionizer so that they can produce clean, alkaline and acidic water with antioxidant properties.  Most have read or heard about benefits like increase in energy levels, reduction in bone and joint pain, help getting a better night's sleep, help in treating blood pressure or adult onset diabetes. 

Right off the bat you can taste a difference in the water produced by your water ionizer when you compare it to the taste of theTaste the difference water coming from your tap.  Most people can feel a difference in their energy level within the first few days.  Others start to notice a difference in their skin's tone and texture as their body becomes better hydrated.  Athletes notice a difference in their stamina, performance and post-performance recovery time.

Those struggling with high blood pressure or controlling adult onset diabetes often find that their condition has improved when they visit their doctor for their regular checkup.  Others even go through a period of detox symptoms when they first begin drinking alkaline ionized water.

Without a properly performing water ionizer - one that is producing water with sufficient negative ORP - these benefits would not be seen or felt.  Just like without a properly performing washing machine, dryer or refrigerator your clothes don't get clean and dry and your food spoils and goes bad.

The truest test of whether or not your water ionizer is performing properly is how you feel once you start drinking the water.  This is why every water ionizer company offers some sort of money-back guaranty.  And the return rate on these products is relatively low.

You'll also get a bottle of pH testing drops with your new water ionizer.  This will allow you to verify that each alkaline and acidic preset is actually altering the pH of the water at different levels.  And - by the way - the same electrical process that creates the alkaline acidic separation is also creating negative/positive ORP....  If you're getting an alkaline readings when testing the water produced by your water ionizer, you're also getting negative ORP. 


Tyent water ionziers are creating water with a high negative ORP.  The meters that are readily available to the public can be highly inaccurate and cost allot in time, money and frustration to get accurate readings.  The companies that produce water ionizers spend a great deal of time and money to keep ensure the negative ORP is sufficient to offer benefits to end users.  Trust your water ionizer,  not some meter.  Trust what your body is telling you, not the reading you're getting from a probe.


Austin Buce the Tyent Guy