Men’s Health – That Fungus Among Us

At one some point in their lives, almost every man has felt the burning, itching, stinging discomfort of jock itch – or as some call it “crotch rot.”  Men are also more likely to have to deal with athlete’s foot.

If you have a good quality water ionizer, you’ve got relief right there at your sink.  Acidic ionized water has been used to effectively treat athlete’s foot, jock itch and heat rash.

Both athlete’s foot and “jock itch” are fungal infections.  In most cases they can be treated using over-the-counter treatments found in any drug store or the medical aisle at many grocery stores.  Judging by my recent tour of the “anti-fungal” section of my local Walgreens I found that these over-the-counter treatments range from $7.99 to $17.99 (most expensive was a tube of Lotrimin Ultra)

While these can certainly be considered affordable, overtime repeat purchases add up.  And who wants to walk around with that squishy-oily feeling?

The acidic water produced by Tyent and Evontis water ionizers can be used to treat both athlete’s foot and the dreaded jock itch.  No oily residue, no getting ointment on your hands – and no issues with ointment “bleeding through” leaving an oily patch on the front of your pants.

Treating Athlete’s Foot

Soaking your feet in acidic water will relieve the burning and stinging and will help heal any cracking of the skin, preventing infection.  When you’re at work, you can keep a small spray bottle of this same water handy for “on the spot” relief and to maintain the progress of healing.

At the gym, keep a spray bottle handy and give the affected area a good spritzing, then pat dry with a clean cloth before putting on fresh socks.  Another tip – if you go to the gym during the workday, take a clean pair of “work socks” with you to put on after your work out.  If you typically workout at the end of the workday, treat the area after your workout and wear some sort of open-toed shoe for your trip home.Athletes foot

Whenever possible you should let your feet “breathe” by wearing open-toed shoes.  Wearing white or light colored socks or going barefoot around the house will also allow fresh air to get to the area which  stunts further fungal development. 

If possible, soak your feet in strong acidic water two to three times a day for 10 to 15 minutes.  At the very least, soak your feet once a day for 30 minutes.  In the morning, treat the area by spraying with acidic water – be sure to pat the area dry with a clean cloth before putting on your socks for the day.

Another helpful tip – let your shoes air out as often as possible.  During the day, whenever you begin to feel itching or burning, if possible, treat the area by spraying and then put on fresh socks.  Keeping the area clean and dry will help prevent progression of athlete’s foot.  Treating the area with acidic ionized water will help kill the fungus.

Treating Jock Itch

Clean the area with acidic ionized water – you can do this either by repeatedly spraying and patting the area dry or by pouring acidic ionized water over the area and then patting the area dry.  The acidic water will immediately relieve the burning, stinging and itching.

Man In UnderwearWhen (and where!) appropriate, apply an acidic water compress to the area.  Saturate a clean cloth in acidic ionized water, wring it out slightly to prevent excess dripping and keep the compress in place for several minutes.

As the cloth becomes warm, rinse it well, re-saturate it with acidic ionized water and repeat one or two more times.

You can either pat the area dry with a clean soft cloth or –if you live alone or with someone who is more “understanding” than “easily offended” – allow the area to air dry before putting on clean underwear.

During the day, you can keep a small spray bottle of acidic ionized water with you to treat the area whenever it starts burning or itching.  Spray the area with acidic ionized water and pat dry with a clean cloth or paper towel. 

Other tips – if possible, treat the area in the middle of the day and put on a clean, dry, fresh pair of underwear.

Avoid tight pants and/or underwear.

When going to the gym, “spritz” the area and put on clean underwear before your workout, then treat the area again after your workout and put on another clean pair of underwear.

Keeping the area clean and dry is the best way to prevent worsening of the condition.  Spraying and/or cleaning the area with acidic ionized water several times a day will help the area heal more quickly – and can provide instant relief of flare-ups.

Spray Bottles

We have those little spray bottles in one and four-ounce sizes – you can get a set of three, including a one-ounce eyedropper bottle for around $12 plus shipping.  They’re small, handy and a great way to treat rashes, burns or scrapes with acidic ionized water.