Do I Need to Use pH Testing Strips to Test my Body’s pH

pH Testing Strips

 This isn’t the most frequently asked question but I get it enough that I thought I’d address it here.  Some people do choose to use pH testing strips to test their body’s pH once they start drinking ionized alkaline water – but is it necessary?

The majority of water ionizer owners don’t do this type of regular testing.  Why not?  Well, within the first few days of adding ionized alkaline water to their diet, most notice a difference in how they feel – both mentally and physically. 

Those who do decide to pay $10 to $20 for these pH testing strips usually only test for a few days – then maybe every couple of weeks or once a month after that.  These customers begin to recognize the “feelings” of an over-acidic body pH.  They quickly learn to associate increased acidity in the body with certain foods they eat or the amount of ionized alkaline water they have been drinking.

After eating certain foods like pizza, a nice steak dinner, or (one of my personal favorites) a thick, juicy burger, those who use pH testing drops see the difference when testing – even if they have been drinking ionized alkaline water.  Rich desserts, cookies, candy and other sweet treats will also cause a spike in body acidity.  Steak Dinner

“Testers” also see a difference when they decrease the amount of ionized alkaline water they are drinking.  Dropping from eight to one or two glasses a day often shows up as in increase in acidity when using these test strips.

In most cases they find they don’t need any pH testing strip to confirm an increase in body acidity.  They can feel it.  Energy levels drop, sleep isn’t as restful and some people will notice a difference in their skin – like a stray pimple or blemish popping up out of nowhere.

Over time, people who decide to use these pH testing strips set them aside as they discover they can actually feel the difference in their body’s pH.  Mental or physical fatigue, changes in skin or complexion, “achy” feelings – these are all often signs of an increase in acidity in the body.

Neck AcheSo – do you need to use pH testing strips once you start drinking ionized alkaline water?  No. 

Should you use pH testing strips once you start drinking ionized alkaline water?  Well, ultimately that’s up to you.  I know that most people who start doing this type of testing don’t stick with it for long.  They learn to associate how they feel with excess acids in their body.   

In most cases, they also learn to recognize that eating certain foods in excess and changes in how much ionized alkaline water they are consuming have a direct impact on how they feel – and that how they feel is often associated with their body’s pH level.

In this case, self awareness is the best measure of your body’s pH.